Booking Details

Flexible Booking Options

At Urban Cozy Studio, we cater to various creative needs with diverse rental packages, ensuring that whether you’re planning a brief session or a full-day project, you have the right resources.

  • Weekday Hourly Rate (Monday-Thursday): Ideal for shorter sessions during the less busy weekdays, our studio is available at $40 per hour.
  • Weekend Hourly Rate (Friday-Sunday): Keep your creative projects flowing even on weekends with our studio also available at $45 per hour.
  • Full-Day Rental: If you require the studio for an extended period, our 8-hour full-day rental is available with a 10% discount, ideal for more extensive projects.

Booking and Inquiries:

  • Hourly Rentals: Can be conveniently booked via PeerSpace. See the booking button below.
  • Monthly Packages: For those interested in frequent use or long-term projects, we offer customized monthly packages. Please inquire directly to discuss your specific needs and how we can best accommodate you.

Urban Cozy Studio is dedicated to supporting your creative endeavors by offering flexible, high-quality studio rental options that adapt to both short-term and ongoing project requirements. Click the button below to book the studio.

Studio Rules and Restrictions

To ensure that everyone enjoys a safe and conducive environment at The Tampa Studio, we ask all our guests to adhere to the following rules:

  • No Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the studio and the entire building to ensure a clean and healthy environment.
  • No Glitter or Fire: To maintain the neatness and safety of our space, the use of glitter, candles, or any open flames is not allowed.
  • No Food Inside: To keep our studio clean, we request that no food be consumed within the studio. Snacks and meals can be enjoyed outside the studio area.
  • Fixed Background Setup: Before your session, we will coordinate with you to select and set up your preferred seamless paper background. One background color is included with your booking, and you can choose your preferred hue. Please note that once the background is set, it is not permitted to change out the rolls or alter the background during the session to ensure the preservation and quality of our materials.
  • No Alcohol: For the safety and comfort of everyone, alcohol is prohibited within the studio and building premises.
  • Clean-Up Policy: Please leave the studio as you found it. Cleaning supplies are available, and your cooperation in keeping the space tidy is appreciated.
  • Maximum Occupancy: To ensure comfort and safety, the maximum number of people allowed in the studio at any time, including the photographer, is limited to 6. Please plan accordingly for larger groups.
  • Respectful Use: We ask that you treat the studio and its contents with care, as if it were your own space. Please handle all equipment, props, and furnishings carefully and report any damage immediately.

By adhering to these guidelines, you help us maintain a positive and collaborative atmosphere that benefits all users. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping The Tampa Studio a welcoming and well-maintained space for creative work.

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