Rental Add-Ons

Maternity Gowns

Enhance your maternity photoshoots at Urban Cozy Studio with our elegant selection of maternity gowns. Designed exclusively for studio use, these gowns are available for rental at $40 per gown. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to perfectly complement your creative vision. Please note that these gowns can only be used during the time you have rented the studio, ensuring that each piece remains in pristine condition for every client. This addition not only elevates your photography but also provides a convenient solution for expecting mothers looking to capture this special moment without the need for personal wardrobe investments.

Photography Backgrounds

Enhance the ambiance of your photo sessions at Urban Cozy Studio with the option to rent additional colored backgrounds. While a classic white background is included with every hourly studio rental, you have the opportunity to select a second or different color for an additional fee of $25. This allows for greater creative flexibility and the ability to tailor the setting to the specific needs of your shoot. Please note that these additional color options are coming soon, expanding your possibilities for creating distinct and vibrant imagery./space

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