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Welcome to Urban Cozy Studio

Located in the vibrant North Tampa Heights, The Tampa Studio offers a 240-square-foot creative sanctuary specifically tailored for photographers and videographers. Situated on the second floor, our studio combines the best of both worlds, providing a cozy, intimate environment along with practical features that cater to the needs of creative professionals.

The space is thoughtfully designed to maximize functionality without compromising on comfort. With amenities that include high-quality softbox lighting, versatile color seamless paper backgrounds, and modern comforts such as air conditioning and a mini-fridge stocked with chilled water, every detail has been considered to enhance your creative process. The cozy furnishings, like our comfy sofa and full-length mirror, ensure your subjects feel at ease and photo-ready at all times.

In addition to the practical setup, The Tampa Studio is embraced by the dynamic atmosphere of North Tampa Heights, known for its lively community and inspiring energy. The studio’s location not only makes it easily accessible with ample parking, but it also places you in the heart of a bustling neighborhood, perfect for drawing inspiration and engaging with the local creative community.

Whether you’re capturing stunning portraits, innovative product shots, or compelling video content, The Tampa Studio is designed to be your go-to destination, offering the perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and creative inspiration.

Included Amenities Tailored for Creativity and Comfort

Our studio is thoughtfully equipped with everything needed to ensure your sessions are both productive and comfortable:

  • Softbox Lighting: High-quality lighting is provided to perfectly illuminate your subjects and enhance the visual appeal of your shoots. Photographers are also welcome to bring their own lighting setups and make use of our C-stand for more complex lighting arrangements.
  • Choice of Color Seamless Paper Background: Choose from our selection of colored seamless paper backgrounds—one pull per session—to perfectly match the mood and style of your shoot.
  • Props for Versatile Styling: Including posing boxes, faux plants, and a bench, available to help you add depth and character to your photographs.
  • Full-Length Mirror: Ideal for last-minute outfit checks and touch-ups, ensuring your subjects are always photo-ready.
  • Clothing Rack with Hangers: Keep your garments organized and wrinkle-free with our convenient clothing rack.
  • Clothing Steamer: Ensure your clients’ outfits are pristine with our handy clothing steamer, perfect for quick touch-ups.
  • Mini-Fridge: Stocked with chilled water to keep you and your clients refreshed throughout your session.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: Enhance the atmosphere of your session with music or other audio, easily controlled via our Bluetooth speakers.
  • Comfy Sofa: A stylish and comfortable sofa that not only provides a place to relax but can also be incorporated into your shoots.
  • Air Conditioning: Maintain a comfortable environment with our efficient air conditioning, ensuring that everyone stays cool under the lights.
  • Bathroom Facilities: On-site bathroom available for convenience and comfort during your sessions.
  • Fan for Dynamic Hair Effects: Use our fan to create beautiful, dynamic hair movements in your photos, adding life and energy to your portraits.
  • Ample Parking: Plenty of parking is included, ensuring easy access and convenience for you and your clients upon arrival.
  • Rental Add-Ons for Customized Sessions: For those looking to further customize their shoots, we offer additional rental options such as over 30+ maternity gowns and more than 10+ colors of seamless paper backgrounds, available for an additional fee. These options provide photographers with the flexibility to bring unique visions to life and cater to diverse client needs. For more details on our rental add-ons and how to incorporate them into your next session, please visit our rental add-ons page. Here you can view our full range of options and select the perfect elements to complement your creative projects.

Each amenity is carefully chosen to support your creative vision and enhance the professional experience at our studio.

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